At My Parents

Chloe did amazing at the vet...sure there was some hissing and growling going on but she didn't swat or bite...didn't even try!  The vet thinks she has arthritis and she needs to lose 4 pounds and go back around the first week of March for a check on her weight and for xrays.  Did you know 1 pound on a cat is the equivalent of 20 pounds on a human!  Wow.  So her 4 pounds she needs to lose is the equivalent of 80 pounds to us.  Yikes...and I find it hard enough to lose 5 pounds.  :S I had a really bad headache yesterday...I found out last night that my morning cup of coffee was 2/3's decaf so I figure it was probably from that...or else the oxazepam.  Headaches are a side effect of that med. Plus I woke up super stuffed up this morning.  I didn't know if it was a cold or allergies since I'm at my parents with the kitties plus we were going through some stuff packed away yesterday.  It's allergies since the stuffiness seems to have gone away.   Watching What Not to Wear...haven't seen it in forever.  I probably need to be on the show but I'd be humiliated.   Planning to go to a benefit concert tonight for Haiti and World Vision.  It's at my Aunt's church.  There's some really good singers and groups performing so it should be good. Gonna go, need to set up the wii so I can get a workout done.  



Poor Kitty I can really sympathize with her needing to lose weight to help her arthritits.
Concert sounds like agreat idea. Hope you have a woderful time.