at least I'm trying

I finally got back on my Prozac today and got my treadmill yesterday off craigslist. I am now broke but I don't care as long as it gets me out of bed and moving or I am going to put on even more weight and feel awful. It's helping though, I felt like shit all day laid on the couch and ate pizza, then dragged myself up and onto the treadmill and dragged ass for 10 minutes then I felt better and actually ran for 10. I feel so much better, you gotta love anything that floods you with dopamine and not stress.
Hopefully this Prozac helps as much as it did last time. I'm not doing so well on the calories though because I messed up and started drinking pepsi again last month and it's sooo hard to give up. I'm just going to go slow and get my body in better shape and then worry about calories later, I just want my legs and muscles stronger so it's easier to exercise.
Some days it's a good day to go all out, some days it's a good day to do just enough. I feel good.
I've decided to be nice to myself today. Hugs to you all.