Sorry I haven't been around lately!  Took my husband to Emergency room sunday night!  He has been admited and I am staying there with him.  He is so far doing ok but still not sure if he will have to be operated on again!  I am trying to keep it positive and not cry in front of him.  We are not sleeping very well and wouldn't you know it, he keeps wanting to give me his bed!!!!   I cuddle up with him for short spurts ,but I have trouble getting comfortable with sinus headaches and arthritis!  I made sure though that my husband had a better nights sleep last night! One was to get an anxiety med ordered for him and the other I will leave up to your imaginations! LOL!  There is no internet at this hospital so I am going to have to catch up with all my friends when he gets out. Please say a prayer that he wont need an operation!   God bless you all!   Chila :  (