Asking for your Support re: Canada Post's 'DELIVER HOPE' Contest

On January 7th a submission of mine was approved and selected by Canada Post as a possible contender for a stamp they are creating to promote mental health awareness.  It is a competition that I was encouraged to enter but waited very late before doing so, and I just started getting the word out on Tuesday morning.  As it is a contest in part the more votes you can help me to gather up the better.Please note that not all entries for this competition are accepted. At this point only 275 have been selected as entries into the contest from all across Canada.  The contest started on November the 8th.  I'm presently in 60th place.  Not bad eh?
So,....I'm reaching out to my Daily Strength family, Canadian and AMERICAN, and asking for your support (  The more the merrier!!!!  *  To vote key unto the link below and curser down in order to see my design - 'Into the Light'(Bridge) and then place your vote by clicking onto the 5th star...
 Here's to Peace of Mind,




The deep rooted stigmas associatd with mental illnesses can be overcome!!! Education, persistence and compassion are the keys...