As goes the circle of life

Yesterday I received a call from the facility where Mom is.  During her therapy, around 10:30 AM she appeared to suffer a slight stroke.  She exhibited one-sided weakness, one-sided facial drooping and slurred speach.  It was determined that this was most likely a TIA, because by 2 PM she had regained strength and was moving around her room.  But at 6 PM I received another call that she had fallen in her room.  Praise God, a CNA happened to be with her and caught her before she hit the floor.  However, she did hit her head on the door knob.  Again, praise God, there were no bumps or bruises. Yesterday I started my antibiotic.  Hopefully I will be better tomorrow so I can at least visit.DH is recovering from this nasty bug that has caught us both.  Because of all the health problems he has had over the last year, his recovery is a little slow. Our granddaughter has achieved her 6th month of pregnancy with her little girl.Last night we watched "We Were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson.  We cried our eyes out at various parts of the movie.  We also watched the scenes that were cut out and wondered why since they would have so enhanced the entire movie.So goes the circle of life.  One day after another with some small changes, but not many.  Sometimes life is so strange.