Are time changing for us?

It appears that times could be changing for my boyfriend and I -  not in a bad way, but a good way! 
My boyfriends father has offered him a job in the state I am from with a company the father is manager of (he is manager of 4 states in the country!), precisely two hours from my parents!! We are considering it, I mean REALLY thinking about going, it's worth ALOT of money to him with ALOT of perks and he knows I can finish my degree in my home state along with being close to family since my health has deteriorated. He will have the help of my parents if he can't always get the time off work, also, he wont have to deal with my health on his own and really he does alot of that now.
We've been thinking about the pro's and con's there are a few very big con's one being his father is considering shutting down the section he is going to if they dont rise in money making in a 4 month period HOWEVER his dad truely believes he can stop this from happening as he is brilliant at his job (and he is!) also, if this were to happen a branch is opening up just an hour or two further south which wouldn't be a big deal either, as he could go to that branch, although he may be inbetween jobs for a couple of months IF they have to close down the branch he goes to. But I have a feeling they wont, my boyfriend is amazing at his job.
All his family think its an amazing opportunity to work his way up in the buisness and when the company comes to Melbourne (in 2 years) where we are now we could relocate back and I should be finished my degree or have another 6 months left to go and be working! One of his best mates said its an opportunity he needs to take so he has support there which is awesome =)
Im praying we go, and so far we are leaning that way, its not that I don't love it here, I do - but its the chance for me to finish my degree and for him to start working his way up in this company early. I will also have my family for support with my health and thats one thing that has been hard here, having my health going downhill so rapidly and no family around - of course i have my boyfriend and his family, but you know sometimes it's a mothers touch or a hug from dad that makes a difference =)
I shall keep everyone updated but my prayers are we move! For the bettering of both our futures! One good thing too about going is since my boyfriend lived in my home state for about 6-7 years he has friends up there, so he won't go there not having people around him, and his dad is always there casually to part time with his job commitments - so he will have family, and we wont be far from the airport to travel back!
It's alot to take in and if we go it will be in the next 2 months starting now..EEEKK times may be changing for us?



Oh sweetie i really hope you move its a wonderful opportunity for you both, and i know how much you want to be back close to your parents, ill be praying for you sweetie, it would be nice to see you in my neck of the woods xoxoxo Love you

Im hoping for the move too hun! Will be keeping you updated thats for sure =)

Love you too XOX

i hope you get to move....i know it would be helpful to have family with you during this hard time with your endo. lots of love, jen