April 29, 2011 - workout update/general update

Hi Everyone,
What a week this has been.   I missed my Tuesday treadmill workout and I certainly paid for it last night.  I drove all the way back downtown to my cancer hospital/Buffalo General where we do our outside runs around the 2 hospitals on Thursday - guess what!  They cancelled it.  We had extremely high winds (not where I live but north - Niagara Falls had wind gusts of 85 mph - trees where dropping.  Power outages.  It was alittle windy when I got there.  Didn't anyone hear that running into the wind makes you stronger?  I guess not with these people.  Makes me wonder if they would cancel it again for strong rain (then I wouldn't come).  Actually, the building blocked a lot of the wind.  I went home, grabbed my gym bag with my clothes and hightailed it to the gym. 
I was suppose to run 3 min and walk 1 on tuesday.  I kept the same workout so I did that on the treadmill last night.  1min 30 seconds on 2.5, and 1 min 30 sec on 0.0 grade. 1 min walk - All at 5.5 speed.  I did ok but found myself extremely winded as I kept up this pace.  I know I need to push myself alittle bit so I can get stronger.  Infact, this saturday I plan on increasing the distance by 5 minutes on the treadmill.  Instead of being on the treadmill for 35 minutes it will increase to 45 minutes.  I should do ok.  I might have to decrease the speed by about .5 in order to get use to it.  I'll go back to 5.5 sometime next week. 
I mapped out a 4.1 mile walk in the neighborhood to coordinate the extra minutes the sunday walk schedule contains.  Im gonna have to plot out a 4.5-5 mile walk pretty soon
I think today I will go back to the gym and do some rowing to make up for tuesday's missed workout.  Maybe do 30 minutes.
I received my results from my 24 hr urine culture test.  Looks good and some not so good. Yes, I am a bit discouraged about it but thinking maybe my #'s haven't caught up to my body yet.  My Kidney function level is 37% and creatinine level is 1.5.    Yes, I am a bit frustrated but its only been 8 weeks (6 weeks when I took it).  I think it may take a solid 3-6 months for better #'s.  I definitely need to drop more weight.  Im on my way right now.  Will see what Dr Ryan has to say about this when I see him on Thursday.
Im sure you all watched the royal wedding.  I was up at 4:30 watching it.  The wedding actually started at 6am.  Now I am extremely tired...Yawn.....