April 2, 2010

It's been a while and so much is going on.
Had to file criminal harrassment charges against that guy that was stalking me 2 months ago.  The police talked to him at that time and all was quiet for a while but then he showed up where I worked on Tuesday.  Only way to get an order of protection is to file charges so I did.  I figured if it's been simmering for 2 months with him, there's a real problem.  I was afraid to do it but if I didn't that might let him think it was okay to go further again.  What a pain. and that's an understatement.
It was 80 degrees here yesterday and is supposed to be the same or more today and tomorrow. Yahoo!  I LOVE summer and this little dose of it is just what the doctor ordered.  It's weird because normally I'd be out in the garden, cleaning up and this year I really don't give a shit.  I'll be out of here before any of those efforts would come to fruition and I just don't care.  Feels good.
Walked the beautiful shores of Lake Erie yesterday, just enjoying the great weather.  Today I'm going fishing.  That's one thing about living near Buffalo, we REALLY appreciate good weather and make the most of it when we get it.
Still dancing around with Magic Man (Rick).  Can't stop.  Still beating myself up over it.  I just don't know what he's thinking. He wanted to pay a visit to my stalker, was totally outraged, but haven't seen him in over a week.  I just wish it would resolve itself one way or another.  I need to know.



WEll the good news is that you are attracting all kinds of men! The bad news, is, as you know, mr. stalker need not apply! But Magic Man, does sound interesting, actually intriguing. I\'m glad he\'s sticking up for you with the stalker! Why beat yourself up over Magic Man???? I\'m sure there are reasons, none of which I know......but if ya get a spare moment.....either refer me to a journal entry,.....


send me an update via email, would ya??? I feel out of the loop!! wah wah

Sometimes not caring is such a great feeling. That was the start of my journey. The day after She said she was leaving, the old \"what will She think?\" question crossed my mind so many times, and I answered \"don\'t care, not my problem anymore\" each time, and felt Freedom.

As for Magic Man, may I suggest taking the approach most men take most of the time? Stop beating yourself up, stop thinking so much about it, and just do what feels right at the time. Yeah, there will be trouble and regrets. And if you strategize and think real hard and decide what you should do, and then either do it or fail to do it, there will trouble and regrets. My way you have more fun and learn more about yourself.

Be very firm with any stalker.

They have issues that the person of their obsessions will never be able to fix. They\'ll get from you what they think they want and then go onto someone else.