April 1, 2011 - update on Aunt Judy wake/5K training/biggest winner updates

Hey everyone,
TGIF,  this weekend went fast - thank god.   Got ahold of mom and told me that aunt Judy will be laid out saturday night from 7-9, sunday 2-4 & 7-9 with the wake/funeral breakfast on monday morning.  It will be a long weekend.  At least I get to help Jen with Punky the cat.  She was getting alittle panicked because I didn't know what was happening with Aunt Judy.   With Jen not driving or having a car - she needed my help, deperately. 
Do you think it was right for me to turn her down - she called me and asked for $50.00 to pay the rest of the $$ for the movers?  She is getting paid today and makes about 50,000 a year as a federal VA nurse.  I don't understand what she does with her money.  Enough of that - later.
5K training run with group - I did terrible last night!  I couldn't keep up with the running for  a minute and a half.  I guess I will need to continue to practice at the gym.  I don't have a stop watch to gage my time to practice outside.  Its on my list of purchases before it gets warmer outside.  Bri your right, the treadmill is not the outside elements and pavement.  Much harder outside.  I need to buy better sneakers!!!  I can't stand my sneakers I am using right now.  They are so warn out.  Im gonna have to make a point at the next paycheck - 4/17 to get a new pair of saucony's or something.  I think it will make a big difference.  Better luck next week.   Next week we are doing 2 min run and 2 min walking.  So, I think on tuesday I will have to increase it to 2 minute run - to be 1 step ahead of them.  Going to work out tonight to make up for saturday. Hate to do this 2 days in a row but sometimes there will be scheduling conflicts. I think sunday I should be able to go to the park again and walk my 2 loops again as long as I do this before 10am.  Perhaps I'll get there at 9am.  Then its off to the rest of the family around noon, prior to the 2-4 and 7-9pm showing.  Its gonna be a long sunday. 
Biggest winner - Starts monday with the 1st official weigh in at 9am on wednesday.  Looking at the schedule, we are the only site thats in the morning.  Good.  We weigh less in the morning.  Better way to lose the weight.  that means that I will have to adjust my breakfast at 9:30 instead of 8:30.    They have a diet seminar that we can go to on the 2nd of May so I will RSVP on that.    Hopefully I can talk Todd, Mary and Lori to go together so I can record our weight loses.  I would never post their actual weight on here but just their losses.   Be on the look out for biggest loser updates every Wednesday with weightloss postings.   I am expecting big #'s for Todd because he's a guy.  Guys lose faster than us girls anyways.  Just keep up with the salads everyother day (thurs has to be a carb day - I didn't eat carbs for lunch this week so I am pretty sure that is why I was so sluggish).  No slider change this week - due to being so sluggish last night.  Im hopeful I will push it to 20% next thursday.




I hope everything goes well with the viewing. I\'m sorry for your loss. You are doing good on your practice for the walk/run. Keep it up!