Applying Fireplace Accessories to Planting season Clean Your Fireplace

Spring and coil is finally here. Yes! So now the open fireplace season is winding down. But do not feel that means that your open fireplace must therefore go abandoned during the warmer weeks. Quite the opposite! Keeping your fireplace as the centerpiece of your home is easy. But first there exists a little spring cleaning to be done, before we can get to the fun decorating.

Initial item on our goal is to care for that chimney. Cleaning your fireplace thoroughly is one of the main things you can do to keep your fireplace clean and safe. Make sure there is absolutely no creosote build-up in your fireplace. If the creosote generates, there is a chance that it will get fire and since creosote burns at an extremely high temperature, this can be a very dangerous and fast losing fire.

There are actually several good ways to clean out a fireplace. One is to get a chimney brush that fits your size and type of chimney. These tooth brushes are specially made for cleaning out chimneys, but you need to be sure to have the right size for your specific chimney.

As well, if you have a brick and mortar fireplace you should employ a wire comb, whereas if your fireplace is prefab, you should use a brush with poly bristles. The condition of your chimney is also important in considering which brush to buy. Some chimneys are main market square or rectangle, while others are round.

Once you have determined which comb is best for your chimney, you need to decide whether you are convenient climbing up on top of your roofing to clean or sitting down next to your fire place.

If you decide that sitting next to the fireplace is the way to go, you will need to be sure to have enough chimney rods to span the complete length of your chimney. As you are sitting next to your fireplace, push your brush up through the flue.

Continue to add more brush rods as needed until the clean is at the best of the chimney. As you may move the brush back down, you will require to make a back and forth movement to actually scrub the creosote from the walls of the chimney. Be sure to shield your eyes, as some of this loose creosote may fall into the firebox.

Chimney sweeps are another excellent option for cleaning your fireplace. These professionals can ensure that all aspects of your chimney are up to safety standards. Look for a CSIA Certified Fireplace Sweep in your area to ensure that your fireplace is properly cared for.

Once you have finished cleaning your fireplace, the next step in cleaning your fireplace to arrange it for the approaching warmer months, is to clean out the firebox. You will need to give your firebox surfaces a good brushing with a nice stiff clean. Knock down all the loose soot and lung burning ash that has gotten caught to the brick wall space and flue.

Stained cup fireplace screens can add a new turn to a tired out fireplace. Their particular beauty is timeless and lasts throughout the growing season. Among my absolute favorites are the Wisteria Impure Glass Fireplace Screen, the Dragonfly/Flower Stained Glass Fire place Screen, the Iris Tarnished Glass Fireplace Screen and the Roses Trellis Tarnished Glass Fireplace Screen. Every of these remind myself of spring and the wonderful colors that develop up in this beautiful season.