Anxious, And New To Incontinence...

Today, I went out in public with an Attends brief on. This was only about the 5th or 6th time that I have done this in my whole life. I am gradually coming to grips with the reality of my problem with urge incontinence.
I keep self-doubting, and wondering if I really have an incontinence problem, since I often seem to be able to remain bone-dry for quite some time some days. However, then I have episodes of full incontinence that involve major urges and heavy flow. I still worry a lot about leakage.
I bought some store-brand briefs that really didn't do an effective job of protecting me from leaks. The Attends briefs I purchased from a seller on E-Bay. These seem to protect a good deal better, though I still have  problem with leakage from the sides of the brief.
I am waiting for a call from a medical supply company regarding some pull-up style briefs that I hope will protect me, and will be suitable for my needs. I had called my doctor's office, and a nurse set up the initial order for me. It needs to be pre-authorized by my health insurance. I am hoping that there will be no problems getting this order through.
I am also wondering if there are any local support groups in my area (I live in Central Massachusetts) that I could attend to discuss my questions and concerns regarding my problem with incontinence. I would welcome any helpful advice or suggestions that any of you may have. Please feel free to comment or offer any helpful advice regarding my journal entry here. This is my first journal entry on this forum, and I am still quite new to dealing with issues of incontinence.
Thank you for reading my entry here. I look forward to your insightful comments.
UPDATE: The nurse from my doctor's office called me this afternoon to finalize the order for pull-up style briefs for me. She needed to get my waist size (56"), so I asked her to order XL in stead of Large. I should be hearing from the medical supply company within the next few days regarding my order. It does appear that my health insurance will cover the cost of the briefs.