Anxiety update

So since January 2012 my anxiety has been constantly present, sometimes better than others, and some times unbearable. Last year this time I was on my way to a family vacation in Oregon. A ten hour drive, I drove 10 hours!!!!! At this moment I can't bear to drive 45 mins to my moms house. Or even around the corner to the store. It is very alarming and scary. This year has been a whirl wind of one stressful thing after the next and it all built up until I'm in the situation I'm in now. Easter Sunday was kinda the end of me and I quit eating. I mean obviously I eat cause I'm alive, but my anxiety makes it nearly impossible to eat with the loss of appetite, queasiness to food and smell, nausea, and gagging. Today was probably the worst day I've had so far, which is frustrating because yesterday I felt nearly normal after a stressful morning. Today I had a kind of anxiety attack I haven't had since I was 17 (I'm 22 now). My mom was visiting for Mother's Day cause I can't leave the house at this point and my anxiety kept building. When I'm anxious my nose gets blocked. My body produces mucus i don't know why? So I snort trying to get it out my nose instead of pushing into my throat, and that makes me wanna gag, so I'm fighting not to gag too. It kept getting worse and worse so my mom suggested we take a walk around the house and it all became too scary and too intense. (I have a fear of throwing up so gagging is horrifying to me) I ran inside crying and started kicking the couch. I know I sound crazy. I felt crazy too. I started crying and fell down. For the rest of the day I couldnt get over my anxiety. It's now 8 at night and I'm still fighting this feeling. I feel sick to my stomach, still have mucus in my throat and just feel helpless. If anyone has any advice or encouraging words, similar story please reach out to me. I need encouragement and people who might understand what is going on with me. I feel terribly alone in this fight.