Anxiety & Phobias.

I think i might have minor phobic or OCD reaction to certain foods, Maybe i had a bad reaction to these foods in the past and i think that it will occur again, Or maybe sometimes i hear about the food and I assume it will trigger a stomach ache, which will trigger an anxiety like reaction.
I don't freak out about everything I eat, i don't think i'm always going to get sick from eating certain foods,  It's basically a phobia of getting food poisoning. like i've gotten before in my past.. And the reaction i have when other people don't feel good.. (stomach aches, pain, vomiting, diarrhea) is because i automatically link them getting sick to myself getting sick because what if it was from something we all ate.. Strangely enough i also get the same anxious thoughts and reactions even if I know i didn't eat the same thing as them.