Anxiety medication

Went for my routine physical and asked him biological reasons why I could be experiencing insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other stuff that my therpist is looking at.  Either this Friday or on Monday I'll have my thyroid hormone and testosterone hormone levels back.  He said in all honesty it's probably a 1 % chance that I'll be low in either hormone.  But for the first time I'll pretty much have any biological/medical conditions that could be contributing to insomnia or mental health illnesses ruled out.  If that's the case then I know my problems are psychiatric and can focus on getting that treated. Overall the appointment went well.  It's kind of crazy, my blood pressure went from 131/86 a couple of months ago to 114/68 now.  He got rid of some of my fears as well.  He prescribed me Sertraline for anxiety and said it should help with depression to.  I'm supposed to take 1/2 tablet for the next 2 weeks and then 1 daily.  He said it'd be a while before i'd actually notice a difference if it's helping.  But I'm kind of excited to find out if it will work and like I said, I'll know within a week if there's any biological causes for my problems.  Tomorrow I also have an appointment with my therapist so I'll be able to tell him.