Another week done........

Well, the past 4 days have been something else. 2 days overtime was done, I was expecting to work today also, but they didn;t ask me to stay. I did say that I'd be available for tomorrow. So I am getting some extra cash. Tomorrow morning (Friday) I'll find out what my paycheck is at I just found out that I cannot get my paystubs online, they are mailed...Boo hoo, that just sucks. I'll just have to wait till next week to get the stubs.

I have changed processes for my mail checks. From now on I will not be checking mail at the day center, or at my PMB till next week. That way 2 weeks pass and while this may be somewhat aggravating, it's to help me not feel so sad that I can't help the homeless more then I do. 

Happy I am though. A loan for car repairs is PAID OFF. That was a thorn that was fun to pay off early. Now I just have 3 debts that need attention. The good thing (In a way) is that I can set up a debit charge to a card and they'll be after it on Thursday, but paycheck won't hit till Friday. But bank will hold the charge without fees so either way I am covered.

I got a good feeling this morning also. My trainer from dayshift came to me and asked if I'd help her. I dove right in and soon got her set and able to calmly go about ehr day. She thanked me for my help and I let her know all she has to do is ask. She knows I'll bust butt for her (Or anyone frankly) Nice that she knew to come to me and ask for help. 

Tomorrw is another day, of freedom. But for today and today alone, I will not gamble.