Another sunny day

Another sunny day. I was getting my nails done today but Christine was sick so cancelled. So I slept later.
 HAd a bone density scan today was able to get it for free as I have been on prednisone. So that was a plus. Now my legs are aching as they were positioned with sandbags.
Went to the libary after. I love to get a magazine & have a cuppa in their cafe. I get a senior discount so even better it is a bit sad when that is the highlight of my day!
Came home & watered the grass as it was treated yesterday. Poppy came out & I threw the ball for her so now she is nice & tired.
Ed is working late so I have control of the remote tonight, another pathetic highlight of my day.
Off to make a salad now. Ed bought so much rocket today I had better make it a big one!



I love to sit in libraries and book stores- new or old books, I just love the smell. It\'s so peaceful too.
Having control of the remote is a HUGE deal! That is a worthy highlight!
BTW, what is rocket?

Rocket is a salad leaf. It looks like dandelion leaves & has a slight peppery taste. I had a big salad using it last night. Having the remote was great. As soon as Ed came in he said \"so & so is on the other channel!\" So I said \"So!!\"