Another Poem... Not so good.

Who gets to decided who is 'beautiful'?
Why is it determined by the specific curves of our body?
Why by the angles of our face?
Nature is beautiful and we are all from nature, are we not?
Doesn't that make us all beautiful?
In our own ways, we are.
If we all looked the same, that would be no fun.
So why does people judge on others looks?
Those who are beautiful on the outside, are rarely pretty on the in.
So for just this once, can't the world just look at the true inner beauty?
Just because your hair isn't perfect or because your clothes aren't expensive, doesn't mean your not pretty.
Even if you are amazingly good-looking, if your ugly on the inside, no one will want you.
Why can't it be reversed?
God put beauty in all of us.
Whether it's inside, outside, or both, is entirely up to you.



I think you summed it up perfectly.. God put beauty in all of us. Beauty is two things sure there is the outside attraction... where the statement says Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The second is as you have said .. who the person is.. what their nature is.