Another Pain!

It seems my life is having more ups and downs lately.  Work has seen a very up week, but now, there's another pain.  The pain pills the doc prescribed were doing a good job.  Reduced the pain by about 90%.  Then, Thursday night, I got a horrible pain in my arthritic knee.  It was so bad I cried.  The worst  I've had since battleling MRSA a few years ago.  Really don't know what happened. Don't remember twisting the knee or stepping wrong.  All I know is after I took my first step going into the house, it hit hard.  Almost a paralizing pain!  Had to hop around the house until I got my caine.  Luckily, I still had my mom's old caine.  Using both of them, I could barely get around.  Went to the doc Friday morning and could barely walk into the office.  He checked the knee and said nothing was torn.  Said I probably "wrenched" it and prescribed a stronger pain pill and told me to ice the knee.  The pain's still there, but it's getting better.
On a happier note, my Mom has made her annual visit.  A little late this year, but with all the rain we've had, it's her most glorious visit since I moved into the house.  For those of you who don't know about her visits, when I moved into this rent house after she died, I didn't notice any flowers in the yard,,,no flower beds,,,nothing,  But, one morning I noticed yellow iris's growing out of the fence line in the front yard.  Mom's favorite flower was the iris and her favorite color was yellow.  When I saw them, I figured that was Mom letting me know she was alright and she'd be around.