Another mini milestone

So today was the 9 month mark for me.  I got through it with no major breakdown, or incident.  It would be a Hollywood story if I could say that I felt like I was reborn after this milestone, but the truth is, I'm still a work in progress.  Key word in that phrase is progress.  I do feel like I am making some, however small it may seem at times.
I just noticed a couple of days ago; that the 1 year anniversary of Melissa's passing will occur the day after Easter.  This really strikes me as significant.  To me, Easter is just as important as Christmas.  I'm hoping the Easter message will make the anniversary easier to take.  Then again, it could trigger a train wreck.  Somehow, I get the feeling it will be OK.  I guess we will see in 3 months.



When we first experience out loss our time is marked with how many days, weeks, months after and then we come to a point where we are now counting the days, weeks or months until the one year mark. I used to be able to tell you off the top on my head how many days after or before including hours. Now I have to think about it and stop to count. I think that is progress. Easter is a time of rebirth, hopefully that year marked anniversary will bring you a sense of rebirth. In the scheme of things it is just one more day without your love but as each day passes our heart heals ever so slightly.