Another July day

My daughter had pilonidal cyst surgery two weeks ago. The very day she got her stitches out, the surgery site broke open, not all the way down, but enough that she bled like a stuck pig, leaving a trail of blood from her room, to the bathroom, to my room and to her grandma's room. Amazingly, I dealt with all this a lot calmer than other members of the family. I'm so used to shit breaking open, or oozing all the time, that I just calmly grabbed gauze and got her cleaned up, and re bandaged.I mean, what else can you do? Of course the dr. got to hear about it, since I immediately took her to the nearest ER, and he had to be contacted and I had to take her to the Hospital that she had her surgery at. They couldn't, of course, stitch her behind back up, so we had to start doing wet gauze/dry gauze combo to ensure healing from the inside out. But she keloids (scars) so bad I know it's gonna leave a bad one.

Not to mention the last two times my doc has cultured my monsters..they have all come back as "regular skin bacteria"..what..I'm I'm gonna post and see if someone can clue me into how that can be..and if it's bacteria..why the hell can't an antibiotic get rid of it.

When I took her to the Hospital where she had the surgery, the dr's assistant dr. came in to show us how to do this. When she looked at it, she made the comment " Oh Dr.__ thought it had broken open all the way down, this is better than what he thought." I thought I was going to lose it. After having to hear my mother in law rant and rave about how this shouldn't have happened, how unfair it was to my daughter, curse about how sorry this Dr. was..and this assistant Dr. tells me THIS??!!! I was livid to say the least. I calmly, and without throat cutting, asked her.. "Well if he thought all that..why didn't he have me bring her HERE, instead of telling me to go home from the ER we were at and pack her ass with gauze and wait for today?" The look of shock that went over her face was incredible and had her stammering.."Uh-uh, if I had done it..I would have just had her come back out here, just to make sure everything was ok." OHHHHH I wanted to kill right about
So of course, with this, and with the heat and humidity not being too pleasant to boot..I am in full tilt breakout mode. Old ones are active again, and a few new ones have cropped up to add to it..and of course my insurance has gone out and will be probably 45 days or more before I can get back on it, so no dr. visits, and all meds pain out of pocket..35$ ain't nothin to sneeze at when you don't have it.
All this crap, but one ray of relief. My mother in law finally kicked out her mentally ill brother. If ever there was a narcissist individual, it was him. Brought roaches into the house, and bitched about having to pay for an exterminator to come spray for them, and brought bedbugs into his room, and bitched about having to buy the shit to get rid of them. And, to boot, since he's been gone, there have been like almost no arguments between people in the house. Don't know why that is..maybe having to live with an individual like him put stresses on each one of us that we didn't realize? Don't know..just loving the to long lived it is..remains to be seen.
I just wish my body would get in tune with this "peace", however short lived it is, and get with the program and chill out already.
Keeping upbeat though, gotta..this is NOT going to keep me down..I may get down..but dammit I'm gonna try to get up until I just can't anymore. 



I am sooooo sorry you guys are having such a hard time. I have been thinking a lot about you lately. I hope things start to get better. Just know I am always here for you anytime you need to vent!!

Love ya bunches!

Oh man, are you having fun yet??? Roaches and bed bugs would have sent me to the moon. I think the surgery site breaking open, unfortunately, is a common occurance. Also, when ever I have had a lump cultured, they always came back sterile. I don\'t understand it, but they did. I hope things get better for you all. The heat must be unbearable. ugh. Come to Seattle, we are so lucky right now as far as weather goes. Take care. Good venting.


Thanks Much love to you both! t with the roach issue..but the bed bugs was too much..Would have been different if he had showed the least little bit of caring, since both my kids live here too and my son\'s room is closest to the room he had, and my son is so sensitive, allergies to dust and bug bites and such.
And yeah..the culture crap is driving me nuts..but it could be could be staph or strep or MRSA so I\'m just counting my lucky(?)
Amber, been thinking a lot lately as well..Hope things are going well for you both! Colleen..I wish I could come to Seattle! lol..Even if for nothing else but for the break from my nutty I know me..I wouldn\'t even be gone 3 hours and I\'d be worrying about my babies back
Much MUCH love to you both!