Another insane day, are you just keeping me busy?

Oh Joe,
What is happening on this side? I am in such agony tonight from a day of running around like a crazy person. I had to take Abby girl back to stay at the vet for the day while the exterminator came again.
You warned those boys of yours, but somehow they managed to get our house affected too. It is a good thing you are not here to see this mess. I wouldnt leave abby overnight in that place again. I told her that you would be watching over her while I was gone . I had to clean after waiting the four hours again. Clean the entire house in two hours to get back to the vet to pick her up again. Then it was dark and raining..You know I am not allowed to drive to begin with but you must have been guiding me tonight because I couldnt see a thing.
I hurt all over again. Just like when the lyme first started. I need you to just rub my back and legs so the pain will stop for a few minutes. I miss you being here to help me out but you would be proud at how I handled it all by myself!
I am gong to brooklyn tomorrow night to sepd the holida with mom and the girls. i dont really want to go but I have to be thankful for the time I did have with you and the fun we had together. I hope the hunting is great where you are!!
I love you so very much..please let me know you are ok if you can. ME~



I like your send off - I sometimes think some of the things happen because he is keeping me busy also...Hope your Turkey Day was as good as possible HUGS