Another Hospital Call.

At about 11:30 am this morning, I got an urgent call from a friend's wife, who told me she was at the ER with her husband and he was in very bad shape.  I jumped in my car and headed to the hospital.  He was in the ER, unresponsive.  They did all they could for him and got him somewhat stabilized.  He has a bad lung disease and has been unable to work for 4 years.  His mother and father died of the same disease.
I stayed with them till about 5pm then, I came home.  At about 7 pm, I checked with his brother-in-law and he said there was very little change.  At 8:30pm, I called his wife and she said he is still unresponsive and that the nurses who took him for a CAT scan said his legs were started "modeling".
This is not a good sign.  There are many family members at the hospital now.  I told his wife if she needed me, regardless of the time, to call me and I would be there immediately.
There are members of this family who have caused me much trouble so, it is not a good thing for me to be around them, any more than I have to be.  Some of them came in while I was there this afternoon and they did not even speak to me.
This makes it very hard for me.  I led this dying man to the Lord about 10 months ago.  I have known this man all his life.  No Pastor has ever tried to win him to the Lord but, this is what I do.
I am expecting a call tonight to head to the hospital, to be with this family.  This is sad but, he is ready to go.  He has suffered for so long.



Hugs I\'m so sorry dear. I\'m here for you. Xx

Oh Pee Wee. I am so sorry. I am so thankful though that you led him to the Lord . I just can\'t believe that in a time like this his family wouldn\'t even speak to you. What a shame. Thinking of you and praying for your friend.
big hugs ~~