Another good day

So I went to church for the first time in years today. I liked it a lot. Everyone was nice to me and wanted to shake my hand. I know its because they want me to join their club, but it still felt nice. I think I will go back next week and try to learn more.
I feel like while tryint to survive my depression and SI I lost God in some ways and now I'm going to try to find him again. I don't know how I'm going to say it, but I need help. I need to ask these guys at the church to help me because my emotional state is still uneasy right now.
I'm still keeping up with telling myself good things and trying to be confident in myself. I'm mostly trying to learn to accept my shortcomings as just being a part of me as a person. I'm going to try to realize that its ok for me to be bad at some things.
Tomorrow I am going to start fallowing up on those resumes I have been sending out and find out if I have a shot at the jobs or not. I'm going to get a full time job in the computer field one way or another. I'll just keep checking the paper and trying to apply until I get one. When I do I'm going to start taking steps to move out with a few roommates. I'm finally going to be an adult!