Another Frustrating Counseling Session

Monday, April 20, 2009 - 8:45 PM My brother and I met with Dale and Dr. Martin again today. Things went pretty much the way they did last week. I am growing a somewhat frustrated since I do not feel that this is helping my depression very much.   I was asked by my brother how I felt when I heard him say that he was ashamed to be seen with me in public. With some prodding by Dale, I said that I had been hurt, angry, saddened, disappointed, etc. Lee said he thought my answer would be somewhat along those lines, but he wanted to be honest with me.   He asked what type of relationship I wanted with him. I replied something along the lines that I had with our sister, although somewhat different. He did not indicate what kind of relationship he wanted with me.   He said that he was trying to figure out what we could do together other than for him to come to my apartment now and then. He admitted that he really did not know that much about me and my likes and dislikes, just as I did not know that much about him. I said that could hardly be my fault since he had been the one to withdraw from me, not communicating very much either by e-mail or telephone. He accepted the responsibility for that.   This seemed to be a rather unusual meeting. Lee seemed to be jumping from one subject to another, and he finally admitted that some of his students often accused him of doing that. I told him that he had been doing that today, just as he had been doing that on other days.   He said that he knew I needed psychological help from for many years, and he proceeded to thank Dale and Dr. Martin for helping me. He also told them that I had been in psychological counseling for many years. (At times, I considered him to have diarrhea of the mouth.)   I do not know how he happened to bring this up, but at one point, he said that Dale reminded him of Norman Vincent Peale, and Dr. Martin seemed to be his "pom-pom girl." He also wanted to know what I thought of Audie Murphy. He said that Murphy had been a psychotic, but I said that did not detract from the fact that he had been an American hero. (I do not know what in the world this had to do with anything that we were discussing.)   Toward the conclusion of the session, Dale said there was a lot that he had to think over, and he wanted to see us again next Monday. Lee said that he was busy that day, but could make it the one after that. I said that I would be there as well.   After Lee had left the meeting, Dale told Dr. Martin and I that he was worn out. He stated that a lot has been said that he needed to go over in his mind. He and Dr. Martin had a meeting after I left.   When I initially went to this clinic, I went there to get help with my depression. At that time, I had been having suicidal feelings. Although I did get help with my drug problems, anxiety, and I am now working on my family ties, I fail to see how this is doing much to help my depression.   I told Dale that I would like to see him for a one-on-one session, possibly next Monday. At first, he was in agreement with this, but then he said he would have to check his schedule and give me a call. I fail to understand why he could see Lee, Dr. Martin, and me next Monday, but now that Lee and Dr. Martin cannot make it, all of a sudden, he has to check his schedule and call me. If I know Dale as well as I think I do, I will never receive that promised phone call.