Another Ectopic Pregnancy

Hello to whom all might read,I found out Tuesday night I was pregnant. I was happy but also frightend because I knew deep in my heart that it would be like last time. Last year March I had an ectopic pegnancy. Well this time it's the same thing. Out of 6 pregnancies, I have one son and the rest ended in miscarriges or ectopic pregnancies. I don't know what to do, I don't know this keep happening. I have no support from my family and I'm just at a lost right now. My baby boy whom is almost 5 years old knows something is wrong but I want let him see me hurting. I want to take him and move away to another city but i don't know anyone and I wouldn't want to put us in danger.I just feel like nothing right now. I don't understand why God would let me get pregnant and them take them away, It's touture. What am I doing wrong. I left my boyfriend and moved to another town only for him to come rigth to me. I prayed and ask God if it was ment for me and him to be together them let it be but if not take him out of my life. Well he's had to move in with me because he was homeless. WHAT????? Anyway I'm in school but I don't feel school anymore I don't won't to work anymore seems like nothing I do is worth anything. My son is the only person that keeping me grounded and I feel like I'm not good enough for him.  I just don't won't to be here anymore...but I can't leave my son.