Another Day Online

It's about time to spend another day online hunting for a job. As much as I love to be on the computer, it's beginning to be a drag. But, it's better than pounding the streets and I can reach more jobs in less time. A cold front has come though. We had a low around freezing last night and it's expected to be near 28 tonight. And the wind is a killer. When the front came through, the wind blew everything around. I noticed this morning that the doormat had been blown next door. It's cold in the house and the furnace isn't that great. The space heater is going here in the computer room and it's still cold. Wind is coming through the 2 window air conditioners, but I can't plug them up just yet. Texas weather means it could be in the 80s by next week.  Christmas is coming and it doesn't look like it's going to be a very merry one.Being Christmas time, I'll be doing Christmas stories from my past as I did last year, but  little different. They won't be as long as last year or in the order they were written for my book. They'll be just personal rememberances  in no particulr order. But, they'll be in my Memories group. All are welcome to visit to read them and maybe join us. The first is there now, "A Bit of Magic".  I'm doing this to save space in my journal for my quest for a job.  I think doing the Christmas stories will give me a respit from the job search grind and, perhaps trigger a Christmas memory for you.