Another day of this :(

This morning has been hell for me so far. I'm still very afraid i am having a stroke, and i haven't gotten any reassurance about it yet today. I am extremely anxious. I know that deep down inside I am not having a stroke. But i still feel like i am and that really scares me. 
My vision is really blurry today and i feel like im looking through a tunnel and my body feels really weak again and i feel extremely confused. I am trying to just tell myself it's not a stroke, that i am not having a stroke. But i cant help but think i am, and it makes me extremely anxious. And the fact that i havent gotten any reassurance about it makes it even worse for me. I am so scared right now. Deep down, i know im not having a stroke  but i just feel like i need the reassurance that im not having one in order to function. It is very frustrating. And i get frustrated and upset when i dont get the reassurance. Im starting to become convinced i need the reassurance in order to function. I am sick and tired of thinking i am having a stroke and i am sick and tired of bugging people about it. No one wants to listen to me anymore. It seems like even people on here dont want to deal with me and it makes me feel bad. My mom always yells at me when i tell her im having a stroke or i feel like im having a stroke and she tells me to go to the hospital but i just dont want to because i know deep down i dont have to. I just want to hear her tell me im not having a stroke. But she doesnt do that anymore she just yells at me. My best friend gets mad when i ask her if im having a stroke or when i say i think im having a stroke, and she doesnt even answer me half the time about it anymore, and i get upset and frustrated that she ignores me about.  
Nobody wants to answer if im having a stroke or not anymore and it frustrates me to NO END. When nobody answers me, i actually get angry. And then i get sad. And then  i start crying and get anxious. It sucks and im sick of and tired of it. Im sick and tired of having this obsession with a stroke because i get stupid migraine auras that mimic them, and everybody keeps telling me that thats why im having a lot of migraine auras is because i am stressing myself out over getting one because they scare me so much, because they mimic strokes. MIMIC strokes. They arent strokes or TIAs....I really wish i could just believe that. I am sick and tired of going to people for reassurance because they dont give it to me anymore and i know i annoy them with my stroke fear and it makes me feel even worse in the end. Its almost like they just dont care anymore. I dont know. Im done with this vent now.



Do you see a pattern? Sensations=fear=more sensations=needing reassurance, etc.... Only you can stop the pattern.

Try EFT. It is Emotional Freedom Technique. You will tap on meridian points on your face and body and say your fears out loud then put in positive self talk and tap again. It is a great way to let go of these emotions and feelings, and instill some positive self talk. Self confidence and happiness comes from within and not external sources. They are only temporary. I think I sent you an EFT link already from previous posts. Let me know if you need the link again. Also, getting some cognitive therapy for panic and anxiety will help you feel SO MUCH BETTER! Keep journaling. It helps release those toxic emotions and you can even look back and see patterns of thinking.