Another Date, OUCH!!!

Ok, Sunday's brunch was fine, good company and a wonderful view. However, I felt like I was dating my grandfather. Who would have thought the age difference of 13 years would be so great. Now I know better to stick within 5 years of my  own age. I must admit I am getting a little disappointed with all of it. So far they have been all hands, liers, much older then they told me they were, or just out for one thing. OMG my date from yesterday. I told him to go ahead and call me if he wanted and we would make plans to go bowling or something later in the week. I mean come on, one date a day is enough for me. So he called while I was on the way back out my front door. I figured I would call him when I got back, wanted to get shopping taken care of. After I got back and as I was on my way up the stairs to get comfortable the phone rings again. Ok, i just wanted to slip into something more comfortable. I come back downstairs and listen to the messages. He is down the street at the Cantina I met him. Its like what the fuck??? I didn't tell him I would meet him. Here I am in a tee shirt, and the thought of going back upstairs and getting dressed again, no way, and I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Shit, then the phone rings again, I'm bad, I didn't answer it. I was so pissed that he would just think he could do that. I mean it was sweet and everything, but give a girl a chance to let you know if that is what she wants to do. Honestly if it had been a friend I would have told them to come on over, but i don't know this person. I spent just 2 hours with him the day before. I do feel bad, he drove 25 miles to get here, but he really should have asked.