Another cycle...

Unfortunately, even though I did ovulate on my own, we were unsuccessful last cycle :(  I was really hoping I would get my positive before starting meds.  Today is my 2nd day of Clomid for this cycle (only take it for 5 days).  No crazy side effects yet, but I'm sure they'll be here.  We're actually going to be in Florida during our prime baby dancing time.  This isn't too much of an issue since we'll actually have our own room where we're staying.  Maybe since we'll be on vacation I'll be a bit more relaxed and I'll come home with a little souvenier.  That would be wonderful!


Community LeaderMid

Yes, the key word, alone, on vacation, wild time whoopee! Have fun! Laugh together, make silly faces at each other, here\'s to a way of success! Enjoy the vacation, no matter what!

We\'re going down for a wedding reception but we\'re making an extended stay of it, but we\'ll have our own room. That\'s nice at least. The husband\'s family will be there, but hoping to make a good time out of it. I rally need a vacation. Just hoping I don\'t freak out about what\'s going on at work while I\'m there!! One day the whole family revolves around me-when we hit the Harry Potter park...nothing could make me happier than that right now :)