Annoyed Today

Things are going relatively OK, but today I'm just annoyed.  Maybe because it's "that time" or maybe it's because I'm surrounded by idiots...(or both).  Whatever!  as my son says.
Speaking of whom, we have our end-of-the-year PPT next week.  Although his grades in general are improving, I don't know if he's going to be promoted because of all his tardies (so many tardies = a skip, and some many skips = a loss of credit).  He knows that this part is in his control.  Probably just needs to hear it from someone besides "stupid mom".  Though he thinks the whole school is conspiring against him (as if we all have nothing better to do).
On positive notes (literally!), both my daughter's middle school & my son's High school orchestras won their competitions.  Was especially happy for my son because they scored a Superior, and he's never been part of that before.  His reaction:  a cavalier "I'm not surpised!" but I know he's proud since he bragged that he "got to touch the trophy". 
Tonight the HS has their spring concert.  It's not just orchestra, but a whole passel of groups, and it's gonna be LONG.  And it's the season finale of Dancing With the Stars!  Darn it, what timing!  Hopefully I'll be home in time to see who wins, but I'd like to watch the whole thing!
Oh, I got my deductible reimbursement from my accident--yes!!  One less thing hanging over me.