And the process goes on......

Well, after the last attack, my husband, Regius and I travelled to the Social Securtiy Office for him to apply for Disability.  All of his Doctor's have not encouraged work and suggested he try to collect Disability. they said that they would send any Medical records needed. 
 My husband's confidence is gone and he really can't figure out what he could do in the workplace.  Everytime seems to trigger pain and the meds have often made him "slow" and sleepy. 
We had several appointments in the month of October to various doctor's and places, doing test for the Social Security Admistration and the Veteran's Admistration.
My husband was in the Marines after graduating from High School in the late 70's and Early 80's, seeing no wartime action. We thought that he wasn't able to receive any benefits but found out his is eligable for treatment at our VA Hospital. 
 He went to the Out Patient Center first and was refered to the Hospital for a hearing test. I drove him to the hospital, and the test was administered.  Test results found that he does have significant hearing loss and can get hearing aids.  Of course, he doesn't want ANYTHING in his ears and has opted out of getting aids for the time being.
We then went to the Social Security appointments to complete a physical and mental testing.  He was having a good day, pain free at that time and it was commented by the doctor," That most people can't move this good!"
On the same day, He saw the Mental doctor and she commented," You do have depression aquired from the TN."  I was thinking, yes, that is why he takes 4 antidepressants daily. 
Anyway, we received the decision of this in the mail Friday and it was determined that he is not "disabled" and should be working.  We can appeal and probably will.  Also we were told this would happen and would need to get a lawyer.  Why does everything have to be so difficult?
I have mixed feelings about this, since his regular doctor's don't see how he can hold a job when noise, crowds, lights, ect, ect trigger the bad attacks.  Yes, right now, he is ok, as long as he stays home, but when he gets out and tries something physical and mental challenging, he has an attack.  I do believe that stress is a trigger too!
The letter stated that with his age, his high school diploma, his ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds, makes him able to obtain a job that would not aggravate his condition.
Now tell me how a person can go tohiring personel and obtain a job, knowing that the person needs someone who will be dependable and able to work "every" day.  On the applications, a question often asked is, "Is there anything that would keep you from preforming the job requirements?"  My husband is a honest man and would not be able to with "NO."