And the answer to question A is.....

I finally have a solid answer as to what is wrong with me. And there is something wrong with me. I was validated and it felt oh so good to have proof that it's not just in my head!
My Mom, Ashley and I went to the PMS (Pain Management Specialist) yesterday very early and had a very lengthy conversation with the Doctor. He actually listened to me and explained things to me very very well. My faith in the medical field is partially renewed.
First, he had me tell him my story and the pain types, where they are and then he tortured me. Poking and prodding, asking me if it hurts. He also checked my reflexes in my legs and arms, which are non-existent. Then he took a little device that looks like a wicked sharp spur and ran it along my legs, feet, arms and hands, asking me if I felt it or what it felt like when I did feel it. And then finally the age old test of having me resist his pushing and pulling. He had me push my legs out and then pull them in, and then repeated that and I told him I -was- doing as he asked, as hard as I could.
So, here's what's wrong. I thought it'd just be one thing, a pinched nerve somewhere that they missed or...something along those lines. Wrong! I was shocked at what he told me.
My L5 disk is gone, it's pretty much bone on bone (which sounds a little dirty to me) and L4 is headed that way pretty quickly. I also have severe arthritis in my SI joints, his words. On top of that, I have Fibromyalgia. Lastly, I have to get X-Rays and an MRI of my neck because he thinks there's damage up there, which would explain the tingly numbness in my arms and hands. Phew. A lot more wrong than I thought.
So, I'm starting on Lyrica and a strong anti-inflammatory for a month, then I go back to see if I've improved any and possibly to increase the dosages of my medications. He also suggested getting injections into my back around L4 and L5 because he thinks the swelling is compressing the nerves and that is what is causing the lack of life in my lower limbs. I decided to wait on the shots, maybe talk about them at my next visit. I've had them before and it was extremely painful and in fact, made it worse. So we'll see. He said I have tons of options, surgery hopefully being the last one because L4 and L5 are the weight bearing ones and have a chance to fail because of that.
I'm pretty happy right now. I feel more in control that I have for years. I finally know what's wrong and I'm taking the -right- steps towards treating it. Granted, I'll always have problems, but at least I can get some relief and live life a little more than I am now.
I haven't felt this encouraged, hopeful or determined for a very, very long time. Too long, if you ask me.