An Unbiased Peek At Ivacaftor

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) can identify causes of exercise limitation. Forty-four consecutive SCD patients (27 HbSS, 11 HbSC, and 6 HbS-beta thalassemia) with a median age (interquartile range) of 26 (21�C41) years underwent pulmonary function tests, CPET, chest x-ray, and echocardiography to further characterize exercise limitation in SCD. Peak oxygen uptake (V��O2-peak), expressing maximum exercise capacity, was decreased in 83% of the studied patients. V��O2-peak correlated with hemoglobin levels (R?=?0.440, P?=?0.005), forced vital capacity (FVC) (R?=?0.717, P? into account anthropomorphic differences between SCD patients and controls could help to interpret lung function studies in SCD better. Am. J. Hematol. 89:819�C824, 2014. ? 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ""Patients receiving lenalidomide are at an increased risk for deep venous thrombosis (DVT). Here, we prospectively investigated the DVT risk in patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) treated with lenalidomide (n = 32). Five patients developed six incidents of DVT over 1 year for an annual incidence of 16%. Three of these were considered drug-related. Median time to DVT was 105 days (range 56�C259 days). No pulmonary embolism was detected. Hypercoagulability screen before study entry was negative in all patients who subsequently developed DVTs. Compared to normal volunteers CLL patients had increased baseline levels of D-dimer, thrombin-antithrombin, soluble vascular endothelial adhesion molecule 1 (sVCAM-1), and thrombomodulin (p