An easy day.

Another day & the deck has still not been swept. At least I have nice nails & hair after yesterday! Poppy has plenty of twigs & sticks to play with. She is sitting at the door now with a few special ones next to her.I don't know what is going on with her but she peed on the carpet yesterday & has wet on the bed as well. She has a red tummy so don't know if she has an allergy or something. I noticed her scratching the other day. I suppose I had better take to her the vet. More money.
My friend who lives two hours away from here wanted me to go up on the train today as she has a day off tomorrow. She was going to drive me home on Sat as she has an apppointment here in Sydney. I just did'nt have the energy to do it. She said but you are not working. She does'nt understand & then I feel guilty for not going. How I wish I was like I used to be. That is a stupid comment because the way I am now is the way I am. I have gut ache today & burning in my chest so I would rather be at home. Also all the stuff I have to take makes me feel tired thinking about it.
I don't know why I have to justify not going but I feel I do. I think she might think I can't be bothered which I am sure she doesn't. Ed is off tomorrow as he is working the weekend so that was another reason not to go. Mind you He told me to go!
I am still not dressed & it is 1230pm. Actually I feel like having another sleep. Maybe I will. Time for a coffee. Probably not the best thing to have with my gut at the moment but I feel like having one. My first of the day.
I can sure ramble on but it feels good to get things of my chest.