' An Angel To Hold Your Hand ' !

 It’s amazing what can truly happen,
How your life can be so grand;
When you give up trying on your own
And let an angel hold your hand.
All the loneliness inside of you
Will completely disappear;
When you realize you’re not alone,
that your angel is very near.
Your life will become more meaningful,
As well as totally rearrange;
You’ll be amazed at all that you can do,
At the blessings of the change.
You will be able to handle anything,
There is nothing you can’t face;
With your angel there to lead you
Your entire life will fall in place.
Just give up trying on your own,
And allow your angel to lead;
All of Heaven’s blessings will come to you,
Nothing else you’ll ever need.
No matter what you are called to do,
How simple or complex the task;
Your angel will be there to show the way,
All you have to do is ask.
Don’t ever let yourself feel discouraged,
Feel this thought within your soul;
All the things you’ve ever dreamed of
Will become a reachable goal.
So let your angel hold your hand,
Your life will be so complete;
Prepare to conquer the tasks of life,
There will be no battle you can’t defeat. . .
                                 LOVE   YA,    ~Barbara



I hope your angel is holding your hand now and always, I do believe mine is holding my hand.
Beautiful post, thanks
Hugs, Jean