Amber's Affliction and Aim

How helping Amber will benefit others... Amber Soffea has always been exceptional, both medically and personally. From the materials in this website, sponsors will come to understand that Amber has been afflicted for some years by an as-yet-unnamed, perhaps unique immunological illness that is chiefly known by the treatments to which that illness responds. The years without complete diagnosis indicate the uniqueness of her medical situation. While much of this lacking diagnosis stems from the inability of physicians to proceed with such work without adequate funding, the sheer remoteness of her illness accounts for the remaining absence of any explanation of why she is ill. However, one risks committing the deepest of injustices by viewing Ambers exceptional being only in knowing her by her illness. Personally Amber stands only to serve others. For Amber, this service stems from her deep, spiritual faith that operates as a guiding principle in helping others. Amber understands her diagnosis, treatment, and eventual recovery only as functions in helping and serving. Indeed, as explained below, Ambers diagnosis and treatment have already helped and served others. Further funding for additional research, diagnosis, and treatment will only continue this help and service. Finally, Ambers personal, axiomatic understanding of her role in this world guarantees that when made whole, she will only continue to help and serve others. Amber's Help and Service to Date Physicians in Europe and the United States have already come to recognize the uniqueness of Amber's medical condition. However, as a mythical beast such as a unicorn is understood in such concrete terms as a horse with one horn thus identified by its distinguishing, if diverse, body parts so has Ambers condition helped Western medical science to better understand at minimum the component parts of Ambers illness, if only by its separate (but still probably inseparable) immunological, digestive, and neurological symptoms. As a result of this understanding, Ambers illness has been the subject of publications both at the National Institute of Health and abroad. Individual physicians have learned from the experimental protocols used to treat Amber. These protocols have been instructive in treating such conditions as Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, and many other diseases. Those protocols have then been used to treat other patients, and so on. The sacrifices made to both treat Amber and that have perhaps prolonged her illness have, to date, largely only been of service to others. The Help Provided by Continued Diagnosis and Treatment Amber, for her part, remains ill. The sacrifices and treatments applied to date notwithstanding, Amber deserves to be made whole. The only reasons why Amber has not achieved a fullness of her health to date have been a lack of funding and medical care willing, under financial constraints, to press forward to the end. Apart from this, only what treatment protocols do make Amber more functional are known. However, as the foregoing indicates, funding further work for Amber can only operate to further benefit medical science. The physicians she is working with now, as shown in her other portfolio contents, are among the best in the world. Those physicians merely point out the material imperative of this world that in order to fund additional work, money is required. But given payment of those physicians tuition, they are driven to learn not only how to help Amber, but from the experience gained from her unique, diverse condition, to be able to help others. The expanded understanding of how to help others medically has, perhaps, no worthier competitor. This is the purpose in helping Amber now. The Help to Others When Amber is Cured However, it is but Ambers nature to help others, regardless of her own physical condition. Whether in the depths of her illness or the peak of her health under treatment, Amber has provided years of volunteer service to terminally and critically ill patients with an understanding found only by one who has experienced it herself. She has provided similar service in the rescue and rehabilitation of cats, dogs, horses, and many other animals. She has written and published while weighing less than many 10 year olds and otherwise unable to walk. She has run a successful and profitable organic gardening business. She has then donated proceeds to her church, other charity organizations, and to individuals who probably will never know the suffering Amber herself has endured. Helping Amber now is only on effort in helping her to serve others. Ambers faithful determination to so serve others is the driving reason she has permitted herself to survive to the present day. Perhaps prospective sponsors, by virtue of their own generous desire also to help and serve, feel some comity with this all-too-uncommon modern worldview. However, Amber simply cannot meet this goal without the help of others. Sadly, the only factor lacking in sufficing her to have complete diagnosis and treatment is funding. Amber understands the duty she has to assist others in their deepest need. She seeks sponsors with this same understanding.