Am thankful

Am thankful my daughter injuries are just minors ones.  She won't be going to her father's for now, and we have decided to accept an invitation to spend the weekend  at a friends house by the  seashore far from all this mess.
Am also thankful that even though my ex does not comprehend the whole thing(I know it wasn't his fault) at the very least he was there for her, otherwise I am convinced things would had been much worse.  As it stands now is a criminal case, the young man who got hurt (badly) is in stable condition.  I just hate that my daughter and I now feel we have to be looking around our shoulders, but we won't let a stupid, young hoodlum decide how are we going to live our lives.  We are going to work trough this.  I did got her counseling and today she just wanted to go back to normal, so she is back at college. 
I am also thankful for the support here in DS, I know I sounded a little weird, mainly because I was a mess, she is my only child, and it is not easy to hear the words: the has been a shooting, our daughter was in the middle of it.....she is ok but.....i just didn't listen to the rest.
Thank you especially to trisha, jawsmith and bret for all your prayers and support.
Thank you again



I\'m very glad she is okay and you did get her counseling. YOu and your daughter need this weekend at the shore. You have a good time and even though she is older hug her tight.