Am I Too Sensitive ??

It's been about Two and a Half Weeks Now since I heard from a Friend of Mine. I've known Him for about 2 and a Half Years now, though over One Year of that We had Lost Touch Thanks to My Exbf. After My Exbf left Me, I got in Touch with Him again, and I was so Hopeful that We could Regain the Connection that had seemed to be Growing Between Us, for so Long.Maybe that was too Much to Hope For when We hadn't had ANY Contact at all for a little over One Year. When I did get a hold of Him again, He seemed Thrilled to Hear from Me, and He claimed that He Never Forgot about Me - and even Added that He had been Missing Me. BUT, at the Moment I can't help wondering IF all of that was just Him being " NICE ", and not wanting to Hurt Me when I must have sounded so Excited to reach Him after all the Time We hadn't had any contact. I hope He wasn't simply being the Kind-Hearted Man that I firmly believe He is. The Last Time I talked to Him was On the Phone, and He gave Me No Sign that I'd Never Hear from Him again after that Call. I don't know what to Think.I know He has a " Busy " Schedule because He has a Full-Time Job at a Nursing Home, and Part-Time He works as a Tattoo Artist. Between doing all of that, and checking in on His Mom - which I know He does frequently now, especially after His Dad passing away Two Years Ago - I'm sure that all of that doesn't leave Him with Much Time to Spare ! BUT... WHY can't He AT LEAST simply drop Me a Short E-mail to Let Me Know He hasn't forgotten about Me... that He's just been Busy !?!?!?!? He has My E-mail Address, of course, AND He even has My Home Phone Number, and My Physical Address - should He ever care to Write to Me by Regular Mail. But with ALL of that... I'm STILL Hoping to Hear from Him... SOON, HOPEFULL !!!! Am I Wrong to be Upset about this ?? Should I be More Understanding maybe ??... Since I know about His Busy Schedule. It'd be Different IF I was Working, but since I don't work I've got LOTS of Time to think about this !!!! UGH !!!!! So Maybe I'm Over-Thinking this ! Maybe ? I know I do Over-Think Things sometimes, that's just a Fact. Maybe I should MAKE MYSELF give up as far as HOPING TO HEAR FROM HIM ?!?! MAYBE I SHOULD JUST FIGURE THAT'S IT... THAT I'LL PROBABLY NEVER HEAR FROM HIM AGAIN... AND THEN THAT WAY ' IF ' I DO HEAR FROM HIM SUDDENLY, THEN IT'LL BE A GREAT SURPRISE ?????!!!! Of course, ALL of that is VERY EASY for Me to SAY.... BUT I'm not so sure IF I could actually DO IT !One Thing I guess I know for SURE... Maybe I should AT LEAST SOMEHOW make Myself STOP CHECKING FOR AN E-MAIL FROM HIM !!!!! I probably should do this for AT LEAST ONE MORE WEEK.... and Then maybe IF there's NO E-mail waiting for Me after a Week.... then I'll have to make Myself give Up on My Friendship with Him ! I don't know... I'm just throwing out IDEAS... I really don't know what I should do. It's SO FRUSTRATING... AND SO HURTFUL to Me right now, because I still feel so vulnerable after My Exbf left Me. By vulnerable, I simply mean I feel Very Needy right now. I need Someone Close to Connect with, like Him. I do have a LOT of Things in Common with Him, and He's even agreed More than Once that He feels We do Share a Special Connection... This is WHY I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM NOW IN TWO AND A HALF WEEKS !!!!!???!!!! Maybe He's given up on what We had, because He lives in MAINE, and I live in FLORIDA. But I don't see WHY that should be a Problem... NOT for Now at least, since We're still developing our Friendship. It's not as IF I've asked Him to " Jump on a Bus ", and come down Here to Me ! I haven't demanded anything like that ! The ONLY thing I've asked for at all, is just that He STAYS IN TOUCH ! I DIDN'T THINK I WAS ASKING FOR TOO MUCH !!!!