alone,depressed and mourning Valentines Day vader

Brads death has hit me hard and i am finding new ways to get around it.Number one I am eating better.I now eat three meals a day.I am getting food stamps now because my income isĀ  low.Everybody needs food and i did not have any.I am trying to live without my Brad but i realize now just how unhappy he was.And i cant get pass this now.All i can think about is Brad.On the 25th of February..I will be in the house for 4 years.These 4 years have been the happiest of my life and I have got no intention of leaving this house and I love The Greenwood section of seattle and i have got no intention of leaving it.And I will be alone on Valentines Day and I am not in a celebration mood and the thought of not seeing Brad again has depressed me so I will be alone again and for this I am grateful.