Alone and frustrated

Today is a little misty outside and a little gloomy.  I feel a little down but not that much.  I am really frustrated.  (1) I took a computer class to learn more about the computer so that I could relate to people and just learn it in general.  The only thing that I learn from this class was how to attach a file to a document granted I didn't know how to do that but I thought that for a whole two months we would learn more than that.  (2) I am feeling lonely again with nothing to do and it is causing me to eat when I am not really hungry just something to be doing to keep my mind occupied while looking at the t.v. and really their is nothing exciting happening on the t.v. that I am interested in most of them are reruns of things I've already seen.  My sisters don't invite me to go shopping with them or out to eat because they think that I am crazy or something is wrong with me or they just don't care period and are in their own little world. (3)  My son has started back taking money that does not belong to him that belongs to me.  I have had a talk with him but he did it again and I don't know what to do, grounding him just seems temporary and he stops for awhile and then he seems like he does it again to keep up with his friends.  I know that he needs money sometimes but all he has to do is ask and let me decide if I am going to give it to him or not.  His grades are down in his math and I have to constantly fuss for him to go to his tutor for help. I ask myself what is wrong with him he has every advantage given to him and he doesn't act on it.  If I had had the opportunities that he has I know I would probably have done much better than I did.  I could do better but my health hinders me now and I can't work.  As far as money is concerned what do I do and how can I help him and make him understand that money doesn't grow on tree.  I am a single mom doing the best that I can for him and myself.  Just venting and frustrated today.  Need to get it off my chest.