Almost there

I'm making some headway on finding a doctor. I finally have a GP willing to work WITH me on the HS instead of being a dictator and being one of those doctors that like to make you feel stupid or inadequate. Next we will be looking to find a dermatologist and a surgeon who have dealt with HS before and have a pretty good idea of what can be expected. It was so frustrating to go from doctor to doctor only to be told that this or that will cure it or wash better, better hygene, don't eat this, do eat that, don't wear this don't use this kind of detergent..ect ect ect...the endless list goes on. I was so happy to find a GP that is happy to have a patient who is pro active in their healthcare and that doesn't mind when I bring information I have gleaned from the internet I could have cried a river, nay and OCEAN of tears of joy! I don't like the idea of surgery, but my armpits have become a battleground, and the antibiotics are only half working. Last time I went to the ER to have a couple of them lanced the doctor took one look and said "my god girl your armpits look like a war zone!" She wasn't being intentionally mean or anything, she had just never seen anything like it. It it still hurt though, and I still went home and locked myself in the bathroom and cried. I do that when I cry cause I just can't stand for anyone else to see me weak like that. Anytime I cry I look for the nearest place to do it in private. Things are already hard enough for my hubby and kids, no need for them to see me breaking down and worrying them more. Anyways, here's to hoping that between me and my GP we can find the right combo of Drs. to help us help me.