All is well!!

Sorry I haven't been on here since March. I will really try to be better.
Things are going pretty good. Still have the usual aches and pains but I actually seem to be improving. After my husband and I separated and I got over the shock and severe depression, I noticed that I was less stressed and my pain seemed to be improving. I'm still in pain most days but not near as bad as it was. So something good has come out of my husband leaving, YAY!!! About a month after he left I decided to pick up the pieces of what was left and move on with my life and I did just that. I met a man online who is amazing. I really like him alot. We have been seeing eachother for about 2 months now. About a month ago my husband came over and said he wanted me back. The bad thing about that is he was (and still is) still living with the chick he left me for. I, of course, said no. Yes, I have forgiven him but too much damage has been done and I'm really happy now. Finally learned that I have to be happy with me before I can be happy with anyone else and I am happy with me now and the guy that I'm seeing. Even if I hadn't started dating I would not have taken him back. I realized that I was miserable when I was with him. I really hated the person I had become. It's like I lost myself over the years and I finally found me and don't want to lose myself again. Besides I'm moving forward with my life not backwards.
Hope everyone is doing well. I promise not to stay away so long.



I am so happy for you my friend congrats on the new relationship