All I want to do

Is go see my parents and go food shopping. I know, food shopping? It's strange but I do enjoy it for some reason. I think mainly because of when I go into the bulk foods section and get to pick and choose all the spices to get, planning meals in my head. Plus we're running out of stuff here, the meals are becoming even more random than normal.
I also want to go home to see my parents for a night or two. But I am hesitant because I know I'll be sore and I'm not sure how my Dad will behave towards me. I love him dearly but he's terribad at expressing himself in an acceptable manner. I think I'm afraid he'll say something that will make me feel bad.
I hate how emotionally tender I am these days, it's very frustrating. I haven't cried this much my entire life as I have these past few years. Mostly the past eighteen months, really. It's over completely stupid things, too. I'll be talking with someone and I'm suddenly choked up and have to swallow back the tears that want to burst forth. I always feel so stupid when that happens.
I'm thinking today I might see if Ashley will take me to the lake so I can go float around in the water. It's been so hot and that seems to make me feel even worse. Plus I love the relief I get at being in deep enough water. Sadly, our tub isn't deep enough to have enough water in it to make me buoyant and sitting on such a hard surface is torture.
Also for today...WONTONS! Yum! I love wontons. I'm just trying to decide if I want to make wonton soup with half and then steam the other half or just steam them all. I might freeze some as well for later, quick meals.