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Our mouth are constantly open to germs and bacteria that could spread further on and cause some nasty infections and diseases, not just in the mouth but other places of the body to. Bad oral hygiene can bring on unpleasant and fowl odor known as bad breath. Bad breath is one of the most common to poor hygiene and a huge sign that there is something much bigger than just lack of proper oral hygiene at times. Bad breath is also extremely unattractive and extremely unpleasant for those around someone with bad breath. Not brushing and flossing apart from the regular checkups that one need to have done at least twice a year lead to tooth decay and gum disease. These ailments can be painful and have an effect on your daily lives. We take a lot of things in life for granted and a beautiful smile and fresh breath is one of them. Theconsequences of bad oral hygiene lead to extreme tooth sensitivity which can cause pain when eating and drinking and with the incorrect care of your teeth you will suffer the loss of them and this not only will make it difficult to chew foods, but affect your diet, it will also be the cause of a loss of confidence.

It is not just poor oral hygiene that can be blamed for bad breath and teeth; there are always other determining factors that could be the cause of these problems. There are unfortunate events such as accidents that could have an effect your teeth and mouth. Whatever the cause or affect of your mouth and oral hygiene status it is a relief to know that we can turn to professional dentist who are equipped with the knowledge and skill to rectify and guide us when it comes to problems of the mouth. Century dentists can give you back your smile and confidence, through leading innovative procedures such as implants,crowns, veneers,bridges all of which can give you back your smile. They also do the alternative small treatments here  such as the common fillings,and root canal along with the common tooth extractions we find ourselves needing. Century dentists are affordable dentists that provide all the services that one could possibly need. when you look for a dentist you are looking for some one highly knowledgeable and experienced to work on your very delicate mouth. Century dentist strive to make their clients comfortable and perform procedures gently. When choosing a dentist make sure you do your home work and find a reliable dentist that will be the one you are comfortable with and will be your family dentist for years to come.

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