Ahh, Situational Depression

     In all my life, I have not been one to withhold much, but here is something I can withhold no longer.  My wife is with almost certainty going to leave me.       I have  a loud mouth, and since I was not following her explicit instructions to me about upholdng her confidentiality to health care workers, she is paranoid it will come back on her.  She has many reasons to believe this is  true, because of a court trial where this was demanded earlier on in her life.  So,I shall wait for her to come around (Not very likely considering I discuss a lot of personal stuff with others to commonly and easily) or cut me loose, where I will seek and find someone new that fills that hole in your heart that can only be filled by a healthy companion.     The very irony here is that I'm doing better.  I'm trying harder, I have taken on several tasks in one day and seem to be making headway.  So, if any of you can relate, please send me a message of support.  In the meantime I will probably go out with some of my local friends in my Metro Area tonight, as I continue that ever-going process of building/rebuilding my social/business network.  Peace.