T-Man has been coming and going as he pleases.  Although he's been going to work (which is awesome) I know that he is back using even though it isn't blatant.  He very good at hiding it (like in the early days of his usage).  The difference is I know he is despite his efforts to conceal it.  
Today he refused to go to work today because he said he wasn't "feeling well " and that I took his cell charger away from him for being out all night again.  He said he has to have his cell on the job, so he won't go to work.  I don't even know what the answer is anymore.  He's so arrogant and knows that my husband won't do anything.  For the most part I'm disengaged from him.  I rarely see him (he's hardly ever home) and when I do he our conversations are short.  
I contacted a drug counselor I met at a seminar and hope to hear from her soon.  At the end of the seminar (with my husband at my side) I asked her in front of the group - what should parents of an 18 year old do when they know that their child is using again - even though it isn't evident or noticeable?  She said to seek help immediately.  I asked her what that meant exactly and she said that an intervention should be arranged.  Intervention.  All of our family is out of town and there's no one close enough to us help us in this effort.  
Not going to fret about it now.  I'll wait to hear back from the drug counselor.  The counselor we're seeing now is not a drug counselor.  He's a very, very good mental health counselor and has lots of knowledge about addiction but I'm not sure if his advice on this topic is sound. 
Time will tell....



It is all so frustrating. I don\'t believe anyone really knows what to do. Organize an Intervention. How much would a professional Interventionist cost? A lot I\'m sre. I have thought about having an intervention of our own, but it never happened. I couldn\'t have a place ready for him, because they all require that he call, which means waiting period. That drives me nuts.

I am so sorry you have disengaged. After all the help, the talks, the trouble. Guess I would do the same. We can\'t make them quit, we just have to watch and hope I guess? The show Intervention has made me so upset sometimes! If they know the whole family is against their terrible drug/alcohol habits and have taken the steps to getting treatment for the addict, sometimes it works, and other times it hasn\'t. I\'m always rooting for success. Would your sons and husband be able and willing to do this for T?
Hope this new drug counselor can help you. Sorry you\'ve been facing this. I can only say I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!