Afternoon and evening has been emotionally more peaceful.

I have to say my fears were unfounded.  Although its wasn't easy listening to the same stories and advice and statements over and over, no kidding about 20+ times each, I can see my father-in-law is overall healthier and happier than he's been in many, many years.  He's got a bit of twinkle in his eyes, smiles more, and his skin no longer looks so grey.  He's not demanding like he used to be, rather he asks for help or to be served something politely and graciously.  He appreciates everything now rather than expecting he's entitled to be waited on and taking everything for granted.  Thank the Lord!  I am so grateful that he is happy in this last season of his life.  I'm especially happy that he and my hubby will actually enjoy each other's company these last few years.  My hubby has ALWAYS been respectful and helpful but never felt appreciated but rather used.  Now, dad can't tell him enough how much he appreciates him.  It's a total 180 degree turnaround. WOW. As for me, I'm doing much better today.  Just a bit of an anxious edge but after what I've been through this week, I can deal with it.  I didn't even have to take any xanax although I might take 1/2 of a .25 mg tab before going to bed.  My mind is still running full throttle.  I was out of sorts this morning and I know some church friends must have prayed for me because I felt some peacefulness come over me close to noontime.  I am grateful for all my friends at home and here at PC for love and support and prayers.  I'll follow-up with Doc early tomorrow morning and see what kind of progress he thinks we're making.  I might even be able to go back to work after our appointment.  That is something I really don't want to do but for now I guess I have to do but that is a whole 'nother issue.  I think I should talk to him about that too.I think the sun is peeking through into my brain!  Woo Hoo!