Affirmation for October 18, 2011: Peace

A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.- William Shakespeare
Thought of the Day:
We all argue until our faces turn blue and we've forgotten what we're arguing about. How many arguments have you had where you can't even remember what caused it, but all you remember is the hurtful things that were said?
Sometimes stopping the argument has absolutely nothing to do with who was "wrong" or "right" about what it is we happen to be yelling about, but a lot of the time it's about creating peace. No one is the "loser" for giving in to the argument of the other. We all can learn a lot through disputes, but more importantly, we all hold the power to put things on pause before hurtful things are thrown at each other.
A lot of times, arguments block our minds and waste our time that could be put towards helping the situation. We can get so lost in trying to find who was "wrong" or who should take the blame instead of working as a team to find a solution to the problem. Maintaining peace to remain objective and constructive puts neither parties down and only more efficiently helps everyone move on.
Keep the peace!
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Oh, Thank you for your words for thought today as I read the article. This answers some of the questions I have been thinking about.

the thoughts words you sent out today was a big confirmation.. to a lesson i am still learning. i have come to believe that sometimes it is ok to allow the other person to think and feel that they are right regardless of what i may think.