Affirmation for November 7, 2012: Helping Out

Life's most urgent question is:what are you doing for others?- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thought of the day:
Helping other people allows you to leave a positive mark on the world. It also gives you valuable insight and the ability to be more constructive when facing problems in your own life. Helping others is truly one of the best ways you can help yourself. With just a few gestures each day, life can be more fulfilling and more joyful, and more rewarding - both for yourself, and for the people around you.
Have a helpful day!
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It helps me realize how bad I dont have it compared to others. It gets me outside myself and feel useful.

This is very true,I experienced that,It was very rewarding when I helped others,but right now I need the encouragement to keep going.Please help!!!