Affirmation for November 4, 2010: Down Syndrome Awareness Week

Always making today my best day Taking pride in a job well done Treating others with respect Isolating my negative thoughts Treating tasks as opportunities Utilizing my talents every day Doing the job right the first time Expecting positive outcomes daily Speaking well of others every day
- From
Thought of the day:
Today, we support National Down Syndrome Awareness Week. The affirmation above is meant to draw attention to the similarities, and not the differences, between those born with and without Down Syndrome. Everyone, no matter who you are, has a goal of making today the best day, and we all try to follow the same common rules of decency, respect, and kinship.
Our hearts go out to all the families of children and adults with Down Syndrome, and we are reminded most of all of the love of family.
Have a heart-filled day!
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